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As The Teacher Said, "This Stuff Works!"

I love treating my clients with direct applications of Dr. Bruno Chikly's methods. This summer I had five amazing classes in the brain and lymphatic curriculum and today's clients were treated successfully with a variety of methods from these classes. Cranial nerve applications for gag reflex and tinnitus helped a client go home without a buzz in her right ear and swallow her supplements. Her stiff shoulders were released from lesion and free to move with the application of Lympho Fascial Release (LFR).

I utilized LFR and Extracellular Fluid Technique (EFT) in the delicate structures of the throat, mouth, and neck, for a client who is seeking to recover the strength of her speaking and singing voice. This is a challenging case because the decline has been progressing over the past couple of years. It is my hope, with a series of treatments, the tissue will recover.

The day ended with a very successful LFR session for a client that has been treated in three countries, by dozens of PTs, and could not get her pelvic floor to engage on the right or manage to release her viscera restricting her breathing and rotation which began way back at the tender age of one due to surgery for a congenital heart condition that was repaired leaving a long scar across the medial border of her scapula and extending to the thorax along the midline of her rib cage. Today, in her first session, after applying a Sympathetic Nervous System treatment, the pelvic floor was engaging within minutes. The smile on this woman's face made this summer's long flights, bad hotel beds, and crummy food, all worth the trouble of traveling to learn this wonderful work. My client was also delighted she could breathe again and her viscera were no longer stuck to one another restricting her range of motion in her thorax and abdomen.

If you have been struggling with pain or issues of disfunction in your body, book a session with me and give this work a try. The work engages the fluid body eliminating the need for painful, direct, pressure into tender areas of the body. You will actually get to relax during the treatment even though the work is active because the lymphatic fluid techniques put you into a parasympathetic nervous system relaxation response.

You can request a session on my website contact form. I hope to see you soon.

Patricia Anahata Little BS LMT

You get one brain, one body. Treat them well.™

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