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When To Come See Me...

When you are ready to kick brain fog, insomnia, and fatigue down the road

When you are ready to get your wiggle, zip, and enthusiasm back

When you are stressed and need to relax

POST COVID-19, especially if you have long-haul symptoms!

BEFORE any surgery, and RECOVERING from surgery

When you are stiff and losing range of motion

When you fall down and go BOOM!

When your metabolic balance has taken an extended vacation without you,

leaving you sluggish, toxic, and moody

When you have had an epidural headache since your child was born

When "allergy season" starts and you look like your ran into an open cupboard

When you do run into an open cupboard... ouch!

When your digestion and bowel are sluggish

When you tailgate partied at the Big Game a bit too much...

Lymphatic and brain therapy corrects so many issues in the body!


How Can One System Affect So Many Parts?

Chronic pain and stiffness will dominate your body if it is not fluid and subtle.  Injury, immobility, and stress soon will become the norm.  Pain is an intelligent messaging system signaling a complex cascade of chemicals to self protect.  Your body enters fight or flight, your organs and muscles surge with stress hormones and too frequently freeze. If you can't move, or won't move, pain reigns supreme in your system through this complex cycle of inflammation, swelling, very sluggish, congested organ metabolism, and reduced fascial and neuromuscular function.

The entry point to effective treatment becomes your BRAIN and LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. This is where the center of fluid and metabolic balance is regulated, affecting all of the structures in your body. The lymphatic system runs throughout your body to stabilize the fluid pressures and regulate the activities of fluid function.  The lymphatic collectors are superficial just below your skin, deep around your viscera, within the brain, the bones, throughout your limbs and neuromuscular system.  They run in a complex network of capillaries and vessels into the collection of deeper lymphatic nodes and collection pumps.  Lymphatic Drainage (Dra-naage, rhymes with mas-sage), Lymphatic Fascial Release, Fluid Aricular Release for the bones and joints, and Brain Therapy are techniques that all optimize the fluid balance in your body allowing for optimum pressure flow and reduction of inflammation with diminished swollen and tender tissues.  Prolonged stress also affects structures directly in the brain requiring skilled lymphatic drainage to release the neuro-inflammation and toxins restoring optimal brain, organ, and neuromuscular function.  You won't feel like seizing up, being still, and not moving.  You will want to get back into life and enjoy the FLOW.

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