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Patricia Anahata Little, B.S. LMT


December 2023, I became a breast cancer survivor. Manual lymphatic drainage has been a part of my self care for the past six years, and late this summer, I discovered a small tumor in my right breast while treating myself. My early detection, quickly followed by lumpectomy and minimal targeted radiation, allowed me to fully recover so I am now able to reopen my business and continue serving the lymphatic and manual therapy needs in my community. 


I  have been devoted to the transformational journey of injury recovery for the past three decades by overcoming a series of serious physical injuries with complex concussions. Injury opened up a new life for me, making me a continuous student of healing, committed to easing the suffering of others excellent training and my experiences of what I was able to overcome. I never settled for pain even though I was told by many doctors that would be necessary.  You shouldn't settle for pain either.  Pain is a great teacher, no doubt, but it should not be indulged or become a lifestyle, or worse yet, a crutch to avoid the next adventure in life. Pain did teach me to see beyond the veil of my present beliefs and expand my ideas into new possibilities of treatment in order to recover my health, thrive, and be fluid and confident in my body.  


My practice integrates modern scientific inquiry and evidence based medical manual therapy treatments, primarily lymphatic drainage, lymphatic fascial release, and osteopathic cranial techniques, to help the brain and nervous system function optimally. For the most part, these are gentle techniques that can help you transform a painful body into a body of confident flow just as I did. I have had three master teachers/mentors in the development of my manual therapy career: Physical Therapist, MaLai Farrell; MD/DO Dr. Bruno Chikly; and Beverly Cook, an instructor for Dr. Chikly and a master of the applications of the work. Additionally, I studied indigenous healing and non-ordinary states of consciousness with ritual plant medicine for over 20 years devoting myself to the work and becoming fully initiated in several lineages. Each of them has patiently devoted hours of one on one attention to my professional development. The brain and lymphatic therapy classes with Dr. Chikly are complex, intensive, and unique in the study of the treatment of the body with manual techniques. I have nearly completed the entire curriculum (just two classes to go!) and the depth, detail, and broad application for use of the techniques will keep me busy learning for the rest of my life. It is a profound blessing to learn from Masters. 

If you are curious about my healing recovery?  Click here


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