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Tell Me About Your Sessions...

Many people ask me, "I never had lymphatic or brain therapy, what will my session be like? What happens?"

First, based on your intake form and our initial conversation, I will assess what is bothering you in your body. My clients say I ask questions no one ever thought to ask before, not even their doctor. I look for relationships between structure and function. Too often the approach is direct--it hurts "here" so we treat "here", but this can be an oversight to the real root of the problem. I need to know about accidents, falls, direct and indirect hits the head, car accidents, other trauma, etc.

Will you be clothed or unclothed?

I can often work through soft loose clothing but most people come with fitted clothing, restrictive bras, belts, and form fitted pants, plus buttons and hooks that just get in my way, so most often you are undressed under the sheets and blankets. If you want to be treated clothed then bring along a soft loose lightweight cotton jersey tee-shirt, or a very soft lightweight cotton bra that is not tight, and similarly, bring elastic waist shorts that are not tight at the waist. Whether clothed or unclothed, women are always asked to remove the bra because of the possible restriction to the lymphatic flow.

Once you are on the table I will open key areas of your lymphatic system to begin an efficient fluid pumping pressure throughout the body. This is gentle work that activates the parasympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response. I always check the membranes in the brain and dura and the position of the cranial bones and major nuclei in the brain. Tension in the brain stem will have consequences throughout the body. Given your history, even if you didn't have any direct trauma from accidents to the head, the indirect tension may be significant affecting the rest of your body.

Additionally, I assess the relationships of the viscera, their ligamentous connections and their relationships to the bony structures. When I find big eases in the tissues, I treat with LFR, lympho-fascial release, a tissue technique developed by Dr. Bruno Chikly, MD, DO, that utilizes the fluid body to draw out the breadth and depth of the restrictions.

A perfect example is back pain.

So frequently back pain is exacerbated by dysfunctional lesions in the viscera from the twisting and turning that occurs in our activities of daily living, illnesses, and traumas to our body and with prolonged mental and emotional stress. With a direct approach, getting to the lesion sight can be very painful for the client, but with a fluid approach, the work is gentle and not painful despite the significant depth of penetration into the body tissues. Additionally, the bones take tremendous stress and I can work directly with the fluid in the bones to relieve the compression stress.

As I was typing this post, I received a text from a new client I treated last week. She said:

"I just want to let you know that the session last week released more tension in my body than 4 weeks of Physical Therapy. I’m not completely normal yet but feel so much less pain. 🙏"

I think you will find this to be true for yourself, as well. That is my goal and I look forward to meeting with you. ©

Patricia Anahata Little BS LMT

Brain & Lymphatic Therapist

"You get one brain, one body. Treat them well."™

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